Trends: Modern Office Design for Sydney’s Tech Firms

It is an exciting time in the world of corporate headquarters. The immense wealth that is being generated in certain areas, especially tech, has meant the same creativity and innovation that defines this sector is being put to use in brick and mortar, and modern office designs, in Sydney and around the world, are taking note.

Apple has recently put the finishing touches on its new headquarters, constructed in the shape of an Ipod dial, and the same size as the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. It reportedly cost upwards of five billion dollars. Salesforce, a cloud-computing giant, is working on the completion of its 40-story headquarters in San Francisco, with a nightly light show that can be detected as far as fifty kilometres away. Ostentation is apparently rife in this growing industry, but with that said, the interiors of these buildings are set to attract nearly the same amount of attention.

In these purpose-built buildings, the designers were able to put together workspaces catering directly to the needs of their residents. The tenants are far more likely to stay in iconic, purpose-built buildings for a long time, so there was no need to dilute the design in the hopes of attracting a future buyer, tenant, or investor. As such, these places set some brand new trends for Sydney’s modern office designers, in tech and elsewhere.

Fluidity is king among these new workspaces. The employees are often assigned work spaces, but they are free to roam, with certain areas in place to cater to different tasks and whims. At Salesforce, for example, the top two floors of the tower are an airy coffee shop, meant to allow workers the chance to enjoy the striking views of the city.

Part of this serves as an attractant for top talent. But it is also a homage to the idea that in a fluid workplace, employees are more and more likely to run in to idea-rich, influential co-workers, there to put their heads together and make ideas run together. The benefits of sideways thinking have been well-proven, and the modern tech workplace is perhaps the best example yet of the degree to which this idea has taken off.

A New Financial Year – Commercial Fitouts for Sydney

Budgets are all wrapped up, and the numbers have been finalised for the past financial year. And at long last, we can look forward again. With a free rein to make big decisions, without being hamstrung by budgetary constraints, it could be time to plan your office revival.

Among commercial fitouts in Sydney, this is among the most popular times of the year to begin planning to fitout your commercial space. The importance of a good, attractive office is at an all-time high, as we become more aware of an increase in worker mobility and the importance of top talent to a firm. You need a workplace that not only suits an office, but which suits your sector. At the Sydney Office Fitout Company, we work to make these plans a reality.

Our wealth of experience has indicated to us that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to office layout and functionality. Different styles of workers inhabit different offices, and the same working environment for creative work doesn’t suit that of more direct workers, such as legal teams or accountancies. You need something bespoke to your firm, and your workers, something that is up to date on current trends and research, and we make sure to stay abreast of that.

We are an industry leader in our field, employing only the very finest of contractors and planners, and we take great pride in providing a new, striking office design plan that will encourage greater productivity and happiness among a base of employees. We cannot think of a better way to ring in the new financial year.

If you’re ready to transform your Sydney commercial space with an office fitout, the Sydney Office Fitout Company is ready to take you on. Contact us today to get started.

Corporate Interior Office Designs in Sydney and the Chinese Influence

Many of us might have come across an iconic image of Chinese growth. In 1990, the south bank of the Huangpu River in Shanghai was mostly marsh, with a few rice paddies, and a criss-crossing of unpaved roads. Twenty-five years later, it is as heavily commercialised and built-up as any area in the world.

Few countries in the world have taken such steps to modernise as China has over the past forty years. Their frantic pace of growth, especially through the 1990s and 2000s, is one of the most unprecedented in modern history, has raised millions of residents out of poverty, and has created an enormous new middle class. Like with any period of industrialisation, issues have arisen – but as their wealth has increased, so to has their ability to tackle such problems. Now, investments in areas such as renewable energy have left China poised to continue this remarkable phase of growth.

Interior office design in the Chinese corporate world has not been left out of this equation, and as Sydney, and most of Australia, has become a target for investment by Chinese firms, these trends are being noted here as well. Because the Chinese are not as stymied by office tradition, they have been able to create some fascinating new takes on the subject, which are unique representations of culture and methodology.

For example, firms in China maintain a stricter adherence to hierarchy. This means that the collaborative workplace craze is less likely to be seen here – executives are far more likely to be found in private corner offices, rather than flat, broad workspaces. It has even extended itself in to such things as separate elevators, parking lots, and cafeterias.

Another element is location Many Chinese firms adhere to the tenets of feng-shui, insofar as their Sydney corporate interior office design goes, even extending to the orientation of the building with its peers. To allow for these realities, many Chinese firms are taking a far more direct role in the design and execution of their offices than they did in years past, and as their presence grows, we can expect this trend to become more influential over the coming years.

Corporate Interior Office Design Sydney and the Collaborative Workspace

The jargon that dominates corporate interior office design in Sydney, and around the world, can sometimes reek of exclusivity. Terms like ‘collaborative workspace’ can seem over-the-top, but in this case, this trend has begun to take off across a number of different sectors, based heavily on its effectiveness, and the realities of the new marketplace.

Collaborative workspaces are simply meeting areas, decked out in relatively casual décor. They are created in order to facilitate meetings between different stakeholders and areas of a firm, to break down the walls between teams, and to encourage outside-of-the-box thinking to flourish. At a time when such solutions are proving their value, and teams are becoming more specialised and as a result, more prone to compartmentalise, putting people together in an effort to collaborate more has been reaping some considerable benefits.

They have begun to pop up in a wide variety of areas of business. Banks have brought them in to see greater cooperation between members of their tech scene and the dealmakers. Engineering firms, in search of a space that brings a more relaxed and free-thinking vibe, have placed them in many offices. And benefits are beginning to show in the form of greater productivity, team-building, and creativity.

Corporate interior office design in Sydney is on the front lines of Australian business trends, and as a result, we are seeing more and more innovative thinking as part of a greater office fitout demand. Contact us at the Sydney Office Fitout Company for our ideas on how to make the most of this trend in your workplace.

Sydney’s Commercial Interior Fit Out Companies: Thinking Forward

Sydney needs little introduction to the world of superlatives. Icons exist here in plenty – beaches, bridges, harbours, and genius architecture stand out, and are among the most recognisable virtues of Australian’s largest metropolis. And now, this taste for the extraordinary has begun to make itself clear in our taste in office design.

Sydney’s commercial interior fit out companies have begun to shape the next generation of office building. These include some of the most eye-catching and modern offices in the Asia-Pacific, and they have not gone unnoticed by pundits in the industry. From the industrial revival in Haymarket to the skyscrapers of the CBD, waves are being made, by a variety of firms.

Dropbox is one example. This tech firm is one of the more dynamic online storage firms on the market. Its new office in the central business district brings to the fore a number of key aspects to firms in this market, in particular, a motif that brings together the home and the office. This means comfortable seating, plenty of natural sunlight, and opportunity to work out of doors.

This taste for technological accommodation was further reflected in the office of the Australian success story, Atlassian, a software firm. Every desk here is equipped with video communications, and the quiet space allotment here works against the current trend of hot desking. The large windows and western exposure was also deemed vital in the planning stages.

Many customer service firms have realised the link between a positive environment, filled with natural light, upon their employees. These designs now seem to be integral to attracting a properly motivated and driven workplace.

To learn more about these realities and stunning new bespoke office designs, contact the local experts at the Sydney Office Fitout Company.

Commercial Office Fitout Designs in Sydney and the Value of Retention

The importance of good talent in your office cannot be overstated. Any successful enterprise is constructed of top-flight talent, and they compose much of the firm’s value, encourage a culture of success and in turn, attract more high-flyers. The question for commercial office fitout design, in Sydney and elsewhere, is how best to retain it.

The older notions of developing personnel have changed considerably, with more and more members of a given team coming on board for shorter time periods. It is a reflection of both the quicker necessity and the new culture of recruiters, who are able to connect those in need with those providing the work. It also means that your office environment must serve as a draw.

A modern commercial office design provides an atmosphere that encourages happy, productive employees. It can encourage your workforce to do more and better work while in the office, a function of their greater satisfaction and energy. In fact, many potential employees will search for details of the working environment or culture prior to applying.

This desire for open plan offices, natural light and good ventilation is particularly felt at the higher levels of millenials and young guns. Consequently, there is no shortage of firms on the market who are keen to revive the image of their office. At the Sydney Office Fitout Company, we provide commercial office designs and fitouts that appeal directly to the young guns of this new generation. We can help you to attract, and retain, the best talent, the type of people that can carry your firm on to the next level.

For more information on what we can do for you, contact us today!

Ways For You To Save On Your Office Fit Outs

Ways For You To Save On Your Office Fit Outs

While renovating your office can be quite exciting, it pays to beware of the costs that can escalate at an alarming rate. Here are a few tips to help you keep a check on how much you’re spending while revamping your workspace.

  • Opt For Open Plans

The fewer the walls, the smaller the cost. See if you can go for wide, open spaces where you can set up standalone work areas for your employees.

  • Allow Maximum Natural Light

Try and let in as much natural light as you possibly can into your office. This will not only cut down your lighting costs but it will also boost productivity.

  • Get LED Lighting

Installing LED lights enables you to save a great deal of energy while getting brighter light. Moreover, it also allows you to make huge savings on your lighting bills!

  • Buy In Bulk

The greater the quantity, the cheaper the product. If possible, get the same kind of furniture and appliances for the entire staff, from a select set of suppliers.

  • Rent If You Can

Office hardware such as computers, printers, etc. are also available for rent. Renting these appliances instead of buying them will help you save.

  • Recycle Old Goods

See what you can continue using from your existing set furniture and appliances. Even if they need a bit of restoration, it will probably still cost you less.

  • Decorate With Local Art

Look for some inexpensive pieces of artwork from local artists. In case you have staff members with artistic talent, you can even ask them to contribute.

  • Do It Yourselves

See if you can get furniture that can be assembled easily by you and your staff members. This task will also help them bond better and boost their team spirit.

  • Get Multiple Quotes

Consult multiple contractors and get their quotes. See which one of them has the capability to provide you with quality work at a price that’s closest to your budget.

  • Always Negotiate

Remember, every single contractor out there is vying to do business with you. Use this to your advantage and bargain on the quoted rates.

Sydney Office Design and the Coffee Shop: A new trend in refurbishment

Blog 17The mobile work environment has become less of a perquisite among millenials in certain sectors, and more of a necessity. The reality of some types of modern work, especially those that highlight creativity and individual work environments, means that many of us are no longer able to break the monotony with a colleague’s partnership. We need a landscape that inspires us in the midst of our individualistic work.

This reality has been reflected in the choices of areas that this demographic tends to occupy for their working hours. The coffee shop is perhaps the best example of an areas where this new industry has tended to gather, inspired by the bustle, the chatter, and of course, the caffeine.

And office designers, and office refurbishment in Sydney, have both taken note of this. Now, across a number of new offices, the coffee shop motif has become a reality, and replete with good brews and baristas, able to inspire their workers without even leaving the building.

The motif has not been lost in these in-office refurbishments here in Sydney. The gentle lighting, mood music, and murmur of the crowd is here in good supply. There is good wifi, and power stations, so there is no scrambling for a plug. And of course, there is some top-flight joe.

These sort of concessions might seem like overkill. In the media, the common refrain of the ‘entitled’ generation abounds, across a wide number of mediums. But the reality is, these types of areas help you to attract, and retain, the highest-quality employees. They can help you to encourage the best from your workforce, and put them in a place where they can most effectively contribute to your bottom line. This office design trend in Sydney could be entirely worth your while.

Sydney Office Design and Greenery | Commercial Office Fitout Design

Blog 16As of 2016, there are few prevailing themes to Sydney’s office design and commercial office fitout designs in this fair city. Each has been personalised to the user of the office, their sector, their workforce, and the preferences of their management. But between these influences, a few notable trends have begun to rise to the top, and one of these is a taste for greenery.

In a city that is as highly allergenic as Sydney, air quality is of a major concern for a large number of sufferers – especially at this time of year, when the trees begin to produce pollen. And indoor air quality, as counter-intuitive as it seems, is often just as bad, if not worse, than that outdoors. Indoor ducts can become dusty, and with nowhere to go, particulate matter can easily become a feature of your office building.

This is one of the key reasons that plant life has become such a key aspect of many newer office designs in Sydney. Indoor plants and green walls offer your building a natural method of air purification, producing oxygen, and absorbing some of the allergenic particulate matter that could be bothering your workforce.

They offer further advantages, as well. Green walls and barriers provide an excellent buffer for sound, providing a muffler between noisy hot desks and quieter work areas. This quality has made hedges very popular as material for the top of cubicles.

Furthermore, greenery offers us relaxation. Having evolved in the woods and jungles, people are naturally soothed by the presence of plant life around them, and when people are more relaxed, they are more focused, and more productive.

For more information on innovative commercial office fitout designs such as this one, contact the Sydney Office Fitout Company, today!

Commercial Office Design in Sydney and the Green Revolution

basics-of-sydneyThe current generation of builders, investors, movers and shakers has grown up with the environmental movement, and has taken it to heart. There is a level of thought that goes in to our actions and how they impact upon the environment, and commercial office design in Sydney is not excluded from this. The green office has begun to take hold of Australia.

As awareness of our environmental impact has grown, so too has our realisation that our energy usage must be rolled back. Producing a smaller carbon footprint now is one of those elements of modern life that could potentially make a real difference to the state of the world going forward. And as office designs have changed, so too has our ability to make offices more eco-friendly.

The new Sol Invictus tower in Melbourne brings several innovations to the fore in the search for a building that can, essentially, power itself. Its solar panels, which are mounted both on the top and on the sides, allow the building to capture the sun throughout the day. It’s orientation, with a curved north side, is intending to allow the maximum amount of sunlight exposure. Wind turbines sit atop it, while double glazed windows prevent heat loss.

This building, while expensive, could potentially provide a whole new standard for the eco-friendly firm that is looking to both save energy costs, and market its ability to preserve the earth. These designs will only continue to gain in popularity as years move forward, and at the Sydney Office Fitout Company, we intend to stay on the forefront of this movement in commercial office design for Sydney.

Contact us today for more information on green office designs!