The Basics of Sydney Office Design

The Basics of Sydney Office DesignAt the Sydney Office Fit Out company, we enjoy providing office designs that will improve the look and the feel of your office. We want to keep you happy with quality work, and your workforce satisfied and enthusiastic with state-of-the-art designs that will encourage productivity and satisfaction. But this involves more than just the planning board.

The field of workplace happiness is constantly evolving, and is driven not only by the basics of layout and amenities. It has to incorporate the nature of the sector, which can often dictate the style of work and worker. Research in to the nature of the ‘best’ office does have some set standards, however. These are some of the most important.


Maintaining a temperature between 22-25 degrees centigrade has been shown to provide the greatest productivity, and encourages attention to detail throughout several different sectors. Anywhere outside that zone, and you will find sharply falling levels of typing and data accuracy – up to 150% percent, according to one study.

Colour Patterns

We want to focus on bright pastels in our workplace. Not only do these reflect light inside the office more effectively, offering it a brighter and more optimistic motif, they also encourage a more collaborative team mentality. Brighter yellows and greens can be used for more creative spaces, but stay away from reds – they tend to encourage more abrasive, independent styles.

Add some green

We evolved among green backdrops, and the addition of some indoor plant life can have a soothing effect on our collective work day, by providing a natural look to the office and serving to deaden the inherent office noises of talking, shuffling, and cooling fans. Many modern Sydney office designs incorporate green hedging, as a workplace divider.


This one is more specific to the industry, but many offices are seeking out some background music or sound to break up the silence. These can be as diverse as classical music, to radio, to podcasts. It also pays to offer earplugs to those who work best with their own form of music in their ears.

Make your mark: Interior Fit Outs for Sydney

Make your mark: Interior Fit Outs for SydneyThe life of a business, in these fast-paced times, is one that is defined by change. Sectors come and go almost as quickly as trends do, as we adjust to the generation-defining disruptions of the new information age.

This penchant for change has been mirrored in management. With the share price of a public firm paramount, it is not uncommon to see management shift on a time frame that was unheard of in years past, as firms jockey for new talent to come on board and seek out returns.

The frequency of these shakeups can make it difficult for a new manager to really find his or her stride right away. Many executives are deciding, therefore, to allow an interior office fitout to perform their announcement for them. A new office design for a Sydney office can serve as a bookend to the incoming era of management, a point of memory for all involved, who may otherwise have had little contact or awareness of the change.

These changes don’t have to be massive. A new office layout, some new appointments, or some new fixtures on the walls can make an impression last. With that said, many mature companies are looking in to the literature on office design and productivity, and have engaged firms such as the Sydney Office Fitout Company to redesign an office in a method that will bring added benefits, in the form of productivity and increased satisfaction from employees.

If you’re looking to make a splash in your workplace, we can help that to happen. Contact us for Sydney’s finest interior office fitouts, and change your office for the better.

Office Refurbishment in Sydney: Office Designers take on a profound change

Office Refurbishment in Sydney: Office Designers take on a profound changeOne of the biggest shakeups of the recent times has been an overall turnover of primary industry in Sydney. Heavy industry has given way to information-based firms, and the world of office design in Sydney has had to change to reflect this. Much of the inner city area of Sydney is in the midst of an urban revival, and offices have had to bridge the gap in style.

With dozens of larger office buildings being taken over by online firms, utilising creative workspaces over assembly lines and shipping containers, it has meant that a fundamental change in the working environment has been requested by many startups. There is no shortage of space in these areas, but the interiors of these buildings often require renovations to be made suitable for their next purpose.

This has bred the demand for large numbers of office fitouts in Sydney’s former industrial areas, such as Haymarket and Ultimo. Chic offices, replete with proper connectivity, comfortable surrounds and a welcoming warmth are being born from the ashes of former factories. Office refurbishment in Sydney is an ongoing process, and ss we become more and more influenced by the technology startups that have emerged in recent years, we will continue to see this trend.

Luckily, the creativity of office design experts in Sydney knows no bounds, and at the Sydney Office Fitout Company, we love a good challenge. Office refurbishments in Sydney demand a multi-talented group of outfitters, who can turn an industrial building in to a modern office through good usage of space and exploiting a building’s attributes, and we can ensure that your office will come to reflect the nuances that your sector demands of its office buildings, regardless of their prior commitments.

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The Essential Office Fit Out Guide

The Essential Office Fit Out Guide

Be it office relocation or renovation, the fit out process usually ends up being a cumbersome task, one that requires a lot of your time and attention. Here’s a simple guide to help you deal with this tiresome project efficiently.

The Pre-planning

There are certain things that you need to take into consideration before you begin with the fit out planning and designing.

  • The number of employees that are currently working in the company.
  • The employees needs and their suggestions for the new layout.
  • The kind of clients that will be visiting your office on a regular basis.
  • The brand values and ideas that you want to promote through the new look.

The Actual Planning

This is when you start looking at the important elements that you need to pay attention to while planning the layout.

  • Take a close look at the floor plans and to come up with a layout that allows you to make optimum use of the space available to you.
  • Ensure that the lighting system provides sufficient amount of light throughout the workspace.
  • Try and choose a color scheme that goes in sync with your brand identity. Also, see to it that the colors promote greater productivity.
  • Since technology is now an essential part of every organization, try and plan the layout to be as technologically sound as possible.

The Budgeting

The budget plays a pivotal role in determining the fit out plans that you can implement for your new and improved workspace.

  • Get estimates from a number of contractors for your office fit out project.
  • If you have multiple location options to choose from, get separate estimates for each option that you are considering.
  • Take into consideration every minute detail while finalizing the budget to avoid surprise expenses down the line.

The Designing

Once you have an idea about the funds that you can set aside for your office fit out project, start with the designing part.

  • Have the fit out and designing contractors draw up some plausible design ideas for your office.
  • Create a mood board to get a better idea of how the design will pan out in real life.
  • Borrow ideas that you think you can use in your office from other work places that you visit.
  • Try and go for a fit out design that is more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

The Fit Out Partners

Choosing the right fit out and designing contractor is one of the most crucial decisions that you will be making.

  • Go for a company that has good reputation in the market to back up its claims of excellence.
  • Get a clear understanding about the services included in the estimates that they have given you.
  • Ensure that you clearly communicate your expectations from the new plans for the office.
  • If possible, personally visit some of the offices that the contractors may have worked on previously.

Points to Remember

  • Ensure that you have all the necessary permits, insurances and any other paperwork that you may need, before you begin with the project.
  • Ask your fit out partners about all their term and conditions and understand them before you finalize the deal.
  • When choosing furniture and equipments for the new layout, see if you can reuse any of the old pieces and get rid of the rest to avoid clutter.
  • Understand the health and safety measures that will be taken when the project is underway.
  • See to it that your new fit out plans are future proof, so as to avoid any hassles when you decide on expanding your team size.

Putting clients first | Office Fitouts for Sydney

Putting clients first | Office Fitouts for SydneyAn office fitout in Sydney, and throughout the business world, can often change the very construct of your office. The once-familiar layout, and the placement of key elements, has suddenly been turned on its head. For longtime employees, this can be a considerable shakeup to their daily routine.

At the Sydney Office Fitout Company, we are aware of the impact of such a profound change to your workplace. This is where the magic happens for your firm, and it can be unsettling to watch it change – even after we collectively come to the conclusion of the design process. This is why we go to such great lengths to keep you reassured throughout the process. Our office fitouts in Sydney are a team affair.

Our managerial staff places great emphasis on keeping you involved, informed, and in the loop. Our project managers are always available to our clients for a chat on the state of the fitout and remain approachable throughout the process, reachable both on the phone and through emails, and on site. We place huge importance on our people skills and our ability to work towards solutions for any issues you see developing, or to reassure you of the progress of your vision.

We can provide you with a stunning, ergonomic revival of your working area, while working with you throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition. We can work with you to make sure that it comes together in an efficient fashion, with your help, and our expertise.

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Management Methods for Commercial Interior Fit Outs in Sydney


The academic side of project management has lately taken focus on the notion of ‘lean’ project management, which has taken its cue from the infamous lean manufacturing model. These aim to foster a functional, driven project with a focus on greater overall productivity, by preventing wasted time, effort, and materials.

Primarily, lean manufacturing aims for incremental growth over the course of years, through constant reappraisal of methodologies, in search of efficiency. It is perhaps best exemplified by the long-term devotion to product and process that has been exhibited by the Japanese carmaker Toyota, which is well-known for its careful scrutiny of productions and methods.

This motif has direct applications to projects that involve the degree of complexity as commercial interior fitouts in Sydney. And in a crowded office, creating the highest degree of efficiency requires strong, overarching management, someone with experience and foresight, who can ensure the operation runs smoothly. This is a focal point for our projects: the assignment of a strong, experienced manager.

This role requires ample knowledge of the progression of a fitout, and the timelines of each role player involved. It requires concentration and experience to properly execute commercial interior fitouts for Sydney. Our extensive experience in this field has offered us considerable insight in to the best methods of cutting waste down to a bare minimum, while our continuous refinement has kept us on the cutting edge of the industry, a position we don’t intend to relinquish any time soon.

If you’re in the market for a firm that aims to continuously adapt and impress, look no further than the Sydney Office Fitout Company. Contact us today!

Things to Consider before Choosing a Layout Design for your Office Fit Out

Things to Consider before Choosing a Layout Design for your Office Fit Out

Interior office fit outs not only affect the workplace ambiance, but also the company’s image among its clients. Hence, when it comes to designing your office fit out, one must take multiple aspects under consideration. Here’s a list of things that you must think about before you finalise any designs.

  • Your budget
  • It is very important that you first determine how much you can afford to spend on the fit out project, up front, and before taking any other action

  • Current staff size
  • The fit out plan has to be able to accommodate all the employees working on the premises comfortably, so that the office doesn’t feel cramped

  • Staff needs & suggestions
  • Who better than the employees can tell you what works with them? Find out what the staff needs and see how best you can incorporate their suggestions

  • The brand connection
  • The designs that you finalise should ideally be in sync with your brand identity. They should reflect your company’s values, ideas, culture and vision

  • Your clientele
  • The interior fit out plays a vital role in making an impression on visiting clients. So think carefully about the kind of clients that you are looking to attract

  • Room for expansion
  • Considering that the business grows at a steady pace, you may want to hire more employees. Ensure that the design allows you to easily accommodate the new team members

  • Technological efficiency
  • As technology now plays a vital role in every office setup, consult and discuss the fit out plans with the IT department to see if they are viable.

Management and Commercial Fitouts for Sydney


If your office is a busy one, even the pace of a fitout cannot stop the march of business. Progress in your firm moves at a snappy pace, and people must be moving in and out of your firm’s headquarters even as it changes form.

At the Sydney Office Fitout Company, we go to great lengths to ensure that our fitouts are not interfering with your operation. We can alter our work habits, our timetables, and our setup to ensure that you are maintaining your office the way you need to, for a seamless transition in to your brand new office.

It is our unique management strategy that encourages this tendency at the Sydney Office Fitout Company. We ensure that the competing claims of our contractors all angle towards a singular head of the project. A commercial office fitout in Sydney can be a confusing process, between the enormous variety of different workers involved on a project. Managerial skills are enormously vital to maintain order, and utilising one talented manager to oversee the project in its entirety is, we feel, the best method of doing so.

We are determined to send a message to your clients that your fitout is emerging on time, and will soon be ready for business. We take enormous pride in staying on schedule and on time, and view it as integral to our business model to prove this devotion. We feel that despite the challenges that face fitout firms, between our enormously varied list of shareholders and tasks demanded of us, we have the best methodology – one that will keep us firmly on track.

So let us go to work for you!

Sydney’s Office Design and Commercial Fitout experts tackle the recreational space needs of today’s office workers


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Office Design in Sydney incorporates some Greenery


Our evolution as a species has meant that we tend to take a level of comfort in having some vegetation around us. Green spaces and parks are a vital element to any city, and not only because they provide cleaner air and a respite from city noise. They are places where we, subconsciously or otherwise, feel more comfortable and relaxed.
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