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Office design has come a long way over the last ten years. Now, we have office setups that are specific to the nuances of particular industries, from the more open concept of creative industries, to the more isolated work spaces of engineers and medical professionals.

As in any work space, a good office maximises the functionality and effectiveness of any employee. You want them to feel comfortable, without sacrificing the task at hand. You want a combination of beauty and functionality. It’s a lot to ask of office construction and renovation planning, but many young guns in these industries will refuse to work at a sub-standard office, making it vital.

At Sydney Office Fitout Company, we specialise in the refurbishment of Sydney’s offices, ensuring not only a new, motivating layout to get your staff excited – but a whole new branding of your office and business ethos. We take recent research and your own preferences in to account when we conceive your Sydney office refurbishment, to ensure that no details are left untouched.

With years of experience reviving and renewing the office life for this fine city, we are confident that we can bring a whole new sensibility and vibe to your office. We are office renovation experts for Sydney, performing office construction and refurbishment in a direct and professional manner, and we can help to renew your office.

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A true global city, beautiful Sydney straddles the expanse of Sydney Harbour. The site of the First Fleet in 1788, a centre for Australia’s arts and music scene, and the largest urban centre in the country, Sydney plays host to over four million citizens, and hosted the Summer Olympics in 2000.