Property Advisory

Whether evaluating, seeking alternative premises, or intending to renegotiate a
current lease or rent review at a point in time, as an independent expert, we can
streamline those requirements by maximizing your position in the market place and
provide your organisation with the best advice and strategy.

As an independent advisor, we are not compromised by relationships with real
estate agency organisations but are able to assess and deliver opportunities and
options with optimal decision making by adopting our core values.

The Steps Initially we would recommend the steps as follows:

  • a premises strategy brief to identify space planning and growth
  • analyse and seek a design for space flexibility
  • recommend agree upon lease terms and conditions
  • investigate the market to identify and match the office requirements
  • negotiate cost effective premises

For Clients there is always an opportunity to extend your current tenure however
it appears that the lease term as proposed is not suitable for the longer term
requirements of the firm. This requires analysis to compare the advantages and
disadvantages in staying and the alternatives.

It is also prudent to consider the likely costs to improve the current accommodation
and/or carry out a refurbishment to suit the future requirements of your business.
As a leading tenant representative, leasing and rent review specialists, we can
provide Clients with expert representation for all leasing requirements,
including advice on terms and conditions, strategy advice on various costings, and
by seeking the best alternatives and solutions, whilst at the same time maintaining
the focus on cost savings.
SOFC has a panel of leading leasing and rent review experts providing results
at the cutting edge, enabling our clients to achieve a significant advantage in the
market place plus creating a competitive edge for obtaining optimum results